We have been in business for over 27 years, since then we have been working diligently to support the needs of affordable housing throughout Louisiana.  What sets us apart from the rest is that we actually "care" about the individuals we affect with our developments.  From the tenants that will live in our units, to the local citizens that will benefit from our investment to positively stimulate the local economy through new design and construction related activities, "We Care".

LaFleur Industries, LLC is family-owned, with our main office in Baton Rouge, LA.  Since opening in 1997, we’ve treated every client like they are part of our family. 


We have invested..……..

  • Over $9 million in Rural Evangeline Parish
  • Over $8 million in Calcasieu Parish
  • Over $10.8 million in East Baton Rouge Parish, "North Baton Rouge" and over $1 million in "South Baton Rouge" 

Planned for 2022-23..…….
  • Over 200 Elderly Units
  • Over 250 Multi-Family Units